The Origin Of The Word, ‘Quizzard’

Today, Valentines Day, a cute girl came up to me asked, “I like you, especially your quizzing talent. How did you come up with the word, ‘Quizzard’?” How the rest of the evening went with her is none of your business, but I’ll tell you the answer to that question here. Good question, cute girl. And nice timing to come and ask the question, girl, you are the definition of cute, and I’ll give you the definition of ‘Quizzard’.

Well, it is a word that I made up; so you won’t find it in the dictionary, not yet that is. It is a compound word made up of quizzing and wizard, i.e., a wizard at quizzing.

Hope that clears your doubts.

Note: All references to a ‘cute girl’ is purely fictional and a cheap stunt to grab the readers’ eyeballs. Any resemblence to reality is purely coincidental and non-intentional, although the author of this post would not mind being contacted by such people. Since you saw that our editorial standards are very low, please NEVER visit this site again.

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