The DaVinci Code

Man, just watched DaVinci Code for the 3rd time. Wat a great movie!!! Whoever said it was crap must be an moronically demented nitwit. The music is SO GOOD (Hans Zimmer is GOD), the direction rox.
Only weak link: Tom Hanks. Looked made for the part of Langdon, but somehow messed up the final scenes (blank slate Tom). Other than that, they changed quite a bit of the original material, which confused me SO MUCH (the original book was so damn confusing, and then just wen I think I have it all figured out, comes this great movie with a somewat changed plot to confuse me even more).
The camera angles are simply superb (remember the lsat scene when the camera zooms inot the inverted pyramid of the Louvre, with the music pounding away?? Man, the entire ticket and VCD cost is recovered just boz of that one scene!!), Jean Reno excels as Bezu Fache, Audrey Tautou is quite convincing as Sophie and Ian McKellen as Sir Leigh Teebing takes the cake. And, I haven’t even begun about Alfred Molina as Bihop Aringarosa and Paul Bettany as Silas. Such fine performances!!! And, to think that the critics panned the movie. They really are a bunch of nincompoops.

I salute thee, O great movie!!

P.S.: Don’t compare it to the book- the book was just so darned good, nothing can even come close to it. As a stand-alone movie, it simply rox.

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It HAS to be compared to the book dude, because it was a movie based on it. šŸ˜› And it doesn’t hold a candle to the book, period. Simply the soundtrack doesn’t make a good movie, unless it’s a person like you whom I think watches movies eyes closed to just listen to the soundtracks. šŸ˜› And gimme a break, so many pathetic movies too have sweeping wide angle shots, that doesn’t make a good movie. Tom Hanks looked so dumb and OLD in the movie, not like the Mickey Mouse watch-wearing young-at-heart Robert Langdon of the book. Audrey Tatou and convincing? Please, don’t kid me ok? Must say though that Alfred Molina and Paul Bettany did well.

Point is, the book worked because it had so many pages to explain what it was saying. The movie didn’t have that amount of time, so it tanked. Especially Tom wasn’t convincing at all.

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