School reopens

Sigh, and I’m reminded of my pathetic marks again. And again. And again. What makes me feel worse is the attitude of students in our section who cry so much over getting 84%.

Our class teacher is the same, and she gave small mementos, hell, Buddha figurines to us all, along with titles. I’d the distinction of getting two. ‘Mr Refined’ and ‘Mr Intel Inside’. Sigh. Both make me feel depressed. ‘Mr Refined’ makes me feel like I’m a vegetable (oil). And I support AMD, not Intel! What a bad note to start the academic year on.

Classes started in full swing, and it was awkward, attended a full day (that too with block periods, argh!) at school after such a long time. I still can’t believe we’ve almost finished two chapters already. Teachers took great pleasure in telling us to do assignments (loads of them), which, BTW, I haven’t even started doing yet. Got a killer headache to nurse right now.

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