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Electric ARC #13: Carrier (Launcher) vs Srishti

The first physics class of the session, sadly, saw no funny antics from Shom sir this time. I’d been tanking up on doubts to ask, and he decided to keep those topics in the next session, so he gave us some really fun questions from the starting chapters to do.

It’s not really news, but we were also told the batch would be split up and reshuffled. Pretty common, and I think I support that, because that will help in making more productive classes because since the time alloted per session is smaller, when there are less people per batch it will be more fruitful. We were also told classes would also be on the same day, but different timings, with one from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and the other from 6.45pm to 8.45pm. I just pray I don’t get into the second batch, because that would be bloody tiring and would leave precious little time for self-study. Yes, immediately going after school IS hectic, but at least you’re in flow studying. And I bloody well know if I get the second batch I’d be wasting the intervening time sleeping.

Also, today’s class was at the second center. Now the classes in the first centre have got new Carrier (Launcher) air conditioners, while the one in the second has battered old Srishti (yep, no kidding!) air conditioners. It’s summertime, so that means cooling war! Will Carrier (Launcher) blast off to glory? Or will the aging Srishti (pun NOT intended; oh please don’t kill me!) still outstrip (pun not intended) Carrier (Launcher). Stay tuned to find out, if I survive the heat that is…

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, objects having mass M are still guys

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