SATisfaction #6: SATurday Night Fever

Scholastic Assessment TestPhew! I finally gave my SAT Reasoning Test today, and I think it went well. Ah, my first step towards something that could potentially define the rest of my career. It seems strange, how unimportant these things appear at first, and then when it DOES come around, you realize how important it is. For this, my friends, is no quiz contest, nor a stupid school / board exam – it is something that may decide what you do in the future.

The SAT had me PRETTY nervous – yesterday was a real bad day. In fact, I could NOT concentrate on ANYTHING at all! I’d taken Thursday off, but I needed to go yesterday for the preliminary interviews for the school posts (I’ve applied for the post of President of Code Warriors). So while I was trudging glumly to the school bus stop, I sorta noticed a bus whooshing by. I took me some time to realize that it was mine.

Anyway, still preoccupied at school, I got permission for studying in the library the whole day (something generally reserved for smart alec FIITJEE students who’ve decided anything less than 95% in IITJEE is suicidal). I got ready for my interview (it was right in the morning), and promptly barged in when I hadn’t been called. Luckily, I do have a good impression on the panel, they didn’t say anything (much), and also recalled my work on the school annual day video ([whisper]”…he’s a computer whiz…[/whisper]”). They asked me why I wanted to shift to the Code Warriors from the Quiz Club, and my plans. I told them I wanted to take CW to greater heights in its 10th year, and the ‘catch them young’ philosophy for new members.

I spent the rest of the day in the library going through questions from my Princeton Review book. I was pretty accurate, except when Rach dropped in at one point – I got almost EVERYTHING wrong in that section, apart from doing only 5 questions in 20 minutes. I think it’s got something to do with Rach – the aura of stupidity emanating from him permeates the atmosphere like the fish-broth like scent of ozone from a Van De Graff generator (LOL Rach, no offense meant, I just came up with this sentence in the library after you left as ‘practice’ for the essay section). I guess, with the Rach correction factor, my score in that was 2260. I, very conveniently, while packing up, also left two calculators at school, along with the OMR sheet for the sample paper I was solving.

I had a (rescheduled) CL class to attend too; it was physics and I almost left home with math. We all got a nice talking for our pathetic scores in the module test. I then went to buy number 2 pencils, and tipped the stationer my leacing extra money at the counter. Thankfully, that was the last goof-up of the day (does trying to write a practice essay in an upside down OMR sheet count? Well maybe then you can increase that list by one…)

The American Embassy School, my center, is pretty close by, but damn the parking prob. Anyway, I was among the first to get in, and also the first to get lost because I absent-mindedly went to the SAT II rooms instead of SAT I. Frankly, I was VERY jittery. The test started off late, and man, was the invigilation strict! Everything was done according to a script sent in by the College Board. And the sections were PRECISELY timed, and with two proctors hovering like vultures nobody could even THINK of skipping sections.

From the very beginning, I was clammy and nervous. I did conjure up a decent essay (I think…), but feeling paranoid all the time that the readers will NOT be able to read my ‘beautiful’ and ‘legible’ (LMAO!!!) handwriting.

And then, came the section which changed my mood totally. I got a math section soon, and to my delight, THE Answer to the very first question was…42!!! It instantly reminded me of “…the words Don’t Panic, inscribed in large friendly letters…”; it brought back all those memories – of when I first saw the Hitchhiker movie, when I heard the first radio show (with the score of Journey of the Sorcerer), and when I first came across the words Don’t Panic about 2-3 years ago on an utterly insignificant little blue green planet, far out in the uncharted backwaters of the galaxy. You won’t believe how soothing it was, but it definitely helped me regain my confidence.

’42’ spurred me on, and I attempted the rest of the paper without much stress, applying concepts and solving questions. THE Answer brought back confidence, and I sorta chuckled through the rest of the paper. This may sound like Pony and his ‘intuition’, but I DID have an intuition yesterday that one answer in the math section would 42. Rather, I was musing whether the computer will get the joke if I enter 42 as an answer in the grid-in questions (of course it won’t). I think I might have done a good job – you can never say definitively on the SAT – but fingers crossed… :S

I learned a major lesson in life today – if you want to take the SAT, then you MUST read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

PS – I do plan to complete those SAT resource reviews.

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