Bid Low, and Win! is crazy site – there are loads and loads of amazingly cool prizes on the grabs. And what exactly do you have to get them? Well, you bid for it, but in this case, you’ve to bid LOW, not high. The person at the end with the lowest bid, wins. Sheesh, I really really envy that guy (I read it in their past winners page) who got an Alienware Area-51 computer, all for bidding low! Just to give a sense of what this is, Alienware computers are THE best that you can find anywhere – and they cost a bomb too. Each PC is tailor-made, and man, the drool factors is high.

But I digress. There are other winners who ended up with cool prizes too, like a trip to the Bahamas! The opening page of site displays all the cool goodies that you can win, and the time ticking away for each one. Once you decide what to go for, go ahead and make your bid, and hope you win! The main idea is, make the lowest UNIQUE bid, and you win, so you do need to try around a bit, before you get your hands on something. The navigation is well laid out, giving quick access to the all places, and there are some polls too to get a feel of what people are drooling over right now.

As for me, I just hope such nice things (like giving away Alienware computers for dirt cheap prices) start happening here too.

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