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GQz Back Wid A Bang

Now that I had shown the falling number of posts in GQ’s blog, i think it quite had an enlightening effect on GQ. Well, yes, I compiled it, and thanks to the Archive drop-down and MSExcel, it wasn’t as herculean a job as it looks. (In case you have no idea about what i am writing, refer to older posts, i think 5-6 posts back) I see an improvement in the trends. Maybe he’d really shell out posts after posts, as he seems to have many ready, but is pretty indecisive(check comments on the older post). In that case, I would love to offer my services to become official publisher to this blog, even if they are authored by GQ himself. Jokes Apart, GQ should come out with a few more statistics, like his technorati ranking, and daily visits over the last few months etc… after all all of us are maths students… doesn’t harm to practice a bit, does it? Well oh yes… i am still into contributing to your statistics, so maybe another stat could be the % blogs written by blahggers and if then GQz heart swells, maybe we could work out a profit sharing agreement. Joke. NEWAYZ,
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4 now..
hey dats a poem!!!!!!

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Shit man, you’re right. I’ve about 10 posts written and READY to go live. I just can’t decide which one to send through. Also, I want to space out the posts through a month, otherwise I end up doing a loads, and then there’s a blank period. So yes, I’m reducing post frequency to come up with better articles more suitable for my PageRank 4 blahg. šŸ˜‰

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