Atlantis = America?

Atlantis, that mythical place of Greek mythology has often created much debate amongst historians, ancient and modern; and filled people over the ages with awe, and skepticism at times. It has been a part of folklore a long time, even being taken up as the subject for an animated movie by Disney. But the following article I read recently makes me wonder – could it have been for real?

Atlantis Was a Real Place, the Americas

Recent discovery: The kingdom of Atlantis included North, South, and Central America, which was divided into ten countries or kingdoms, and each country had its own King. One of the countries was also called Atlantis, which had a royal city called Atlantis. Near the royal city was a small rectangular island called Atlantis. The King of Atlantis was the ruler over the other nine Kingdoms. The first ruler of the Kingdom was called Atlas, and the continent, country, city, and island were all named after him. That is why Atlantis is sometimes referred to as a continent, a city, or an island.

Originally, three different moats surrounded the royal palace. Plato referred to the moat formation as three zones of water and two zones of land. As time went by they covered over the moats and cut three canals through the peninsula on which the royal palace was located. The construction of the canals divided the peninsula and formed two triangular islands. The island of Atlantis held the royal palace.

I have matched the terrain features that Plato wrote about with present terrain features found in the Tampa Bay area. Plato described Harbour Island as the small island of Atlantis. You will find that Plato recorded and published the story just as it was told. He even recorded the discussions leading up to the story. In reading his dialogue, you will notice several obvious mistakes made in translating the story from Egyptian to Greek and from Greek to English. The biggest mistake occurred when travelers came upon a shoal of mud and thought it was left over from the sunken island. They were wrong. The Americas did not sink. Neither did Atlantis.

You are invited to review the facts and see for yourself that the Americas, from South America to Alaska were once the great kingdom of Atlantis, a single nation. The land formations of the royal city are still laid out the same as they were over 11,000 years ago. They are best viewed from the air. See Tampa FL.

Read the short version of Plato’s story at to learn more about Atlantis and the Americas. Then read Atlantis Conspiracy to get the complete story.

Of the loads of theories that have come up explaining the story behind Atlantis, this seems pretty plausible. After all, I’m a believer of Thor Heyerdahl’s school of thought that civilization spread out far and wide in the old days (I really like his book The Kon Tiki Expedition, BTW). I think I’ve heard this theory earlier too, and the author puts forward his arguments well. Of course, to believe that a whole continent was swallowed up in a short period by some sort of an earthquake or tsunami sounds pretty ridiculous and exaggerated – the stuff that happens when a story gets mangled as it’s handed down the ages. Yes, of course this theory need more verification and scientific proof, but I think that the author might have a point here. Do visit the site to learn more about the story of Atlantis, and about this new theory…

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