Mission Admission #1: Get Out Of Your Old School!

This marks the beginning of a new series, a short one, to guide eleventhies post-class X Board results about admission process for other schools. But before I give my words of advice, I feel the need to rant about the CBSE a bit.

CBSE is exactly what it stands for, ‘secondary education’. They think that education is secondary and the most important thing in life is to know how to mug up things and create xerox copies of standard answers in your Boards. I suffered because of that, getting a 79 in English last year, which really hurt my overall Board marks. I could have easily got a 95% with better English marks, and it still hurts me a lot. And why pray did I get less marks? It’s because I made the heresy of using humor and sarcasm in my board paper, apart from new vocabulary. Okay, I admit that mocking CBSE in my English paper essay was a BAD idea, but still…

And it’s not only me, many others who’re good at English have suffered. Those who get 80-90s in school regularly get 60-70s in Boards, and those who get 60-70s in school and frankly don’t know the XYZ of English end up getting 80-90s. Students who’re good at English regularly lose out because they generally express their own perspective in opinion based questions in the Boards, and the Board then wants only a few standard answers.

Anyway, coming back to my main topic – admissions. I know for a fact that many students feel very attached to their old schools because they’ve spent years studying there, made loads of friends etc etc, but believe me, once you make the switch to a better school, you’ll enjoy it too. All that talk of not fitting in and all is rubbish. Take the DPSs for example – there’s a 100% increase in the number of students in class 11th because so many students get in. For this though, you need seriously good marks. And if you do have them, say more than 90%, you should definitely make the switch. I admit that your peers can get boring because they’re mostly all top rate nerds (I don’t fit in there), but they’re pretty amazing to meet. The main reason though are the teachers – believe me, they are far better than what the smaller institutions can offer.

Having made three (or was it two?) futile attempts to get back to the main topic, I do so now by giving a school-by-school guide. Since I’m at DPS VK, future editions of this series will concentrate on that.

  • DPS R K Puram: The flagship school of the DPS family, its admission process is online. Go to and register yourself, and wait for their cutoffs to come out. Generally, if you don’t have more than 94-95%, forget about it. They won’t even consider if you have an extraordinary extracurricular record. They’ve stopped taking an admission test because of the huge demand, and give admission purely on Board marks. It’s huge, the number of students who get admission – around 500 (they have around 23-24 sections of 11th each year), and almost everyone is 94-95% sorta guy. Do note that criteria is lower for hostel students. Also they release multiple lists, but don’t wait if you have got 92-93% because you probably won’t get through.
  • DPS Vasant Kunj: Coming to my school, you can find the updated admission procedure to be put up soon on the school site (although it’s pretty boring looking, I know). If you missed the first round of admission which is on the basis of a test and your pre-board marks, you can apply now. For commerce and humanities, there’s no test and candidates shortlisted on the basis of Board marks get called. For science, there’s an admission test, generally in June. About 500 students apply, only about 250 make it through – and last year almost every new student had got more than 90%. The admission test has English, General Science and Mathematics. I’ll put up a detailed post on that later. After that, you’ve the interviews, and then you get through.
  • Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri: If your parent(s) work in the government, then you can get in easily, otherwise it’d be pretty tough. The school has a site, but it’s not at all update. Go to the school campus for information. There’s an interview based on your marks. Do note that their total number of students in 11th is less, and the school’s better in commerce and humanities. Keep this as a backup option if your dad / mom works in the government while you’re applying to other schools. They take in about 30 students, but you’re generally required to make the decision to join it before the results of other schools’ interviews come out, so you need to make a conscious decision based how well you have a chance of getting through in others. Amazing infrastructure though – after all what do you expect when almost every government arm gives them crores of funding?
  • Mother’s International School, Aurobindo Marg: It’s a good school, although sort of conservative in its outlook. Infrastructure, especially the labs, is old. The teachers are good though. However, they take in very few students each year after a test, and that too you need to apply early. Their website is (and there’s is NO spelling mistake that I made here).
  • DPS Mathura Road / DPS Noida / DPS Gurgaon: Go for these ones if you live incredibly close to the school. Academics-wise, these are pretty okay, but do try for the other, better schools of the DPS family. The selection criteria in these is lower than DPS RKP or DPS VK.

Watch out for more on my blahg about school life in these institutions, opportunities for extracurricular activities, about their admission tests, etc etc.

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Thanks for all this, will come in handy.

I was considering only RKP and VK. As the 90%ters this year all lesser than before, I’ve been told it is easier to get in.

PS: Dude, you really know how to bring traffic.

you know….i didnt find my new school “better” than my old one….!! DPS n all is all hyped….is doesnt seem that great… alll!

@Arjun: Hmmm. How was your result? I’d really like to see you in DPS VK you know, you look the Code Warrior type sort of guy. As for DPS RKP, for anyone submitting the online form who’s got less than 93-94% is an exercise in futility and self-embarrassment. Note that if you’re percentage is near the lower end of the criteria, you’ll have to wait for the 2-3rd list, and still might not get through. I got 93%, and I didn’t. And before those lists come out, you’ll have to take a decision about the other schools like VK. Choose wisely.

@SA: Hmmm. Maybe. Maybe you found the LC atmosphere something you could identify with more. I think I find the teachers better here, and then, there are so many more interesting and talented people from various fields that you get to meet here.

@Arjun: PS – Yes dude, I try to get traffic by posting unique content. This post is already among the top results for DPS VK admissions. Most of my traffic is via search engines. But that also means that I don’t have much of a captive, returning audience and I’m trying to change that.

Indians are mad, they’ll Google all day to find out the loopholes in the system which we bloggers readily discuss giving them an undue advantage.

We’re insane, but that’s what everyone becomes to make their site the most Search Engine Optimised(Damn, Firefox UK edition has still got a lot of bugs in the spell check).

You know what, DPS RKP considers your ESM (English Science Math) score more than your aggregate. I did see your board results and your ESM comes out to be 91.33. In my case, the ESM is 94 exactly and the aggregate is 93.6, so I think there is a good chance of my name being there in the 1st list.

@Abhishek: Who doesn’t want their blog to be popular? šŸ˜‰

@Arjun: Good score, I must say. Sigh yes, my score went down, all because of English. I wish you luck for DPS RKP, but I’d really have been interested to see you here at VK. It’s like you feel small, because with marks like that you end up in section L or something, pretty crazy actually. And yet, everyone wants to get in…

umm.. ok.. so trynna get this thing clear.. dps mathura road is so not worse than vk and rkp.. rkp is all hyped and vk..?! come again! its one of the ohh-so-many and not-so-prominent branches of the dps family.. and as far as sanskriti and mothers itnl are concerned.. YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE CITY AND ITS SCHOOLS INTENSELY NEEDS AN UPDATE!

I think it is the student who makes name of the school, I m from one of the best schools in India that is Sainik School Rewa.

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