Class 12 NCERT Chapters For The Physics Exam

I got some mails recently from students in our school (and others) that they wanted the NCERT textbooks for the ones that aren’t out yet in the market, like the physics books. Well, they ARE out, but they hardly ever remain in stock. Loadsa panic laden emails then, right before the physics exam on Monday from students who said they’ve no stuff to read from (notes don’t count because nobody makes those).

I’ll come up with the direct links to download the whole books later, but just for now, you can download the chapters which are coming for the class 12 physics exam:

Hope you find the stuff useful, and now…please let me study (although I won’t…).

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working well with Adobe Reader 7.0.
From the content page just click the chapter name. There is a link associated with it and it will take you to the requested chapter.

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