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Electric ARC #25: SIS Wakes Up

Career Launcher’s SIS, the Student Information System, is their web interface for interacting with students. Now CL is primarily focused on CAT prep, so till now SIS was also something which was tuned to CAT prep. However, all that is changing now. CL is putting up so many more practice assignments et al on their SIS these days. And they’re good papers too! There are objective and subjective problem sets on the stuff we’re doing right now. Also, the PPT archive, which holds the PowerPoint presentations of the chapters that are done in class are now also being updated pretty fast. There are loads of chapters which are already up and more are being added regularly.

I think this is excellent stuff, using the Web to reach out and provide extra practice material. It’s always good to have a soft copy of these things, because in case the original handout from the centre gets misplaced then we can use the e-copy. I’m always a guy who supports the use of technology in learning, and the presentations are a good example. I’d prefer a presentation peppered with the teachers own inputs any day, because it makes the class more interesting, and ensures that a good pace is maintained. For revision, this stuff is simply too good.

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yeaa…the asginments are pretty good!:D! still to get down to do em…sigh.

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