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Back To Civilization!!!

Phew. I can heave a sigh of relief now. My computer is [drumroll please] working again finally. Bit of an anti-climax, the actual ‘repair’ though. As you might have noticed from the recent, ahem, drought of posts and my last post on my computer crashing, I ran into troubles once again. I’d been trying to get through to HCL for the past one week, after my computer refused to boot.

It just so happened that my dad dropped in a few days ago, and said he was wondering what had happened to me, for I had stopped spending any time on the computer at all. I told him my problem, and voila! He took it up with some pals he has at HCL, and sure ‘nuf, a guy came knocking at the door. Not the crappy HCL ‘Support’ Partner from Nehru Place, this one was from HCL escalations department. Well, he just sat down, and well, plugged the very RAM modules in which weren’t working at the very same slots where they were not working earlier using the very same clamps; pressed the power button, and boot-up! Hell, I felt foolish at that time, especially since I’d been ranting about non-existent call centers, and how he was probably going to have to install new RAM / motherboard.

What had happened was that I’d replaced one of the RAM modules on my computer about two months ago. That time, I’d check the old one, and the info sticker had come off it (messed around earlier too, musta been one of those times). So I just went ahead and bought a new 400 MHz RAM anyway. When the HCL guy came, plugged it in, and my comp worked, we wondered why it had happened. Then I remembered the system analyser test report which had come with the system, and I noticed that the frequency for the native RAM had been mentioned as 333 MHz. So that was it – a frequency mismatch. I guess that stuff might happen again now…

Loads happened over the past week. I got to, er, had to study more. That meant pangs of missing the computer, which meant spending cursing Airtel for pathetically slow GPRS networks; squinting at Opera Mini and trying to check Yahoo! Mail. I also happened to watch a few more movies than I generally do. For now though, I need to buckle up and start working on all the pending work, including submitting my computer practical file (yes, I do have one, but it’s long overdue).

Coming to HCL, my last post I ranted a lot about them. I stand by all that stuff. The first rogue is Aforeserve Ltd, the HCL Support Partner for Delhi, who have non-existent support. And then HCL itself, because non of THEIR office numbers were of any assistance. I’d also registered my complaint via their online call registration interface on – that was last Wednesday, and yet, they hadn’t acted on that. Even the service guy who came today admitted that they didn’t check that. I’d also mailed Aforeserve at [email protected] (yes, they claim that that is route through which a customer can complain), and I have yet to get a reply to that. For a major tech company like HCL, not to have a good online interaction interface and not to check emails is pathetic. I was fortunate enough that I got through thanks to my dad, but what about the common user who has no other recourse? Such pathetic service is indeed not what users should be getting.

For now, I need to get back to blahgging, quite a few things to post about. Watch this space for more…

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@SF: Computer assignments? Oh, those! Well, er, you see…my computers still not working. By a freak of nature, that folder got deleted by the evil RAM [snigger snigger]… šŸ˜‰

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