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Electric ARC #26: Progressing Further Into Tests…

Phew. The progressive test that we were supposed to have at CL on 26th August 19th August will now be held on 2nd September. A progressive test is where they’ll take up a few topics of 11th and a few topics of 12th in different parts. This is unlike our module tests, which are cumulative syllabus-wise, and our diagnostic tests which are on a particular topic. Here’s the syllabus for CL’s first progressive test (which nobody bothered to copy down and asked me to put up on my blahg):

  • Physics: Units & Dimensions; Kinematics; Particle Dynamics; Work, Power & Energy; Electrostatics.
  • Chemistry: Atomic Structure; Chemical Bonding; General Organic Chemistry; Hydrocarbons; Chemical Kinetics; Alkyl & Aryl Halides.
  • Math: Complex Numbers; Quadratic Equations; Binomial Theorem; Limits; Functions.

Also, for students who want to brush up their past concepts, CL now allows them to attend the ARC one-year batch / ARC two-year (junior) batch. Me for example, recollect nothing of the above mentioned stuff. Boy am I gonna do badly in this test. Sigh. The schedules for the other classes, are given below. The pictures are a bit fuzzy, but click on them for the enlarged view and you should be able to make out stuff. Unfortunately, my cell (LG KG300) doesn’t have a macro mode.

ARC 07-09 August scheduleARC 07-09 August schedule

ARC 07-09 August scheduleARC 07-09 August schedule

As for me, I seriously haven’t found much time for CL work ever since the competition season started. It’s been pretty tough trying to keep grades high at school so that I don’t have a fiasco like last year, that after all the CW stuff I do, there’s hardly any energy or time left for anything else. Add a good measure of laziness to that too, for knowing that you really won’t be attending any classes at school makes you real complacent.

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First of all,you’ve performed really well in the midterms(comparatively).
And secondly,the image gets even more blurred on enlargement

@SF: Either others’ performances has gone down in the mid terms, or the teachers have done stricter checking because of which everyone else’s performance has gone down but I somehow ended up doing well. They say freaks of nature keep happening all the time. Yes, image does get blurred, but at least you’ll be able to make out which subject it is!

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