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The new LuminaR…

Well, LuminaR, my blog which was once on has now moved to a personal web host… and from now on, the new LuminaR is gonna be my personal weblog. The link to my site is on the sidebar… search for it, its in plain sight!

If you can’t find it, I will make it easy for you, here.
If you are a total moron who still can’t get it, click on the word in blue… here.

If you are still unsuccessful in opening my blog, learn more about yourself here.
Anyway, LuminaR is now ‘The LuminaR’ (the R in the end is capitalized despite the fact that I am not an Orkutter) and its a going to be a bigger better blog with cool new features coming up soon for all of you. Do subscribe to its feed, E-mail updates are available too and Linkback… and its planned to be active with atleast 5 posts a week.

PS- Onkur, congrats for the 600+ posts on the blog… A great blog to own for sure! GQB Rocks! 😀

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