Selfish Bastards…

I was trawling around like mad today for a chemistry project for my class 12 Boards, and guess what, there ain’t a SINGLE thing out there. Nobody, I mean, nobody has made available a project for download. Selfish bastards, all of you my seniors in each and every school! :p I promise ye folks that when I get my project done, I’ll make it available for free download by all. Seriously. I don’t care how and when I do it, but when I do it, I’ll make it available for all – and this is thing I really gritted my teeth over – in MS Word .doc format. All those nincompoops sitting in CBSE should know students have unity…

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I can send you mine…although my chemistry project isn’t something I’m proud of. My physics project was quite unique though. You might want to have a look.

@Abhishek: That’d be great! šŸ˜€ We don’t have a physics project this year, thankfully. Phew! One less thing to do…

I am planning on using an I experiment I conducted several years ago for my Chem project.Its making an acid/base indicator using rose petals.Its kind of simple though don’t know whether it’ll be good enough but I am kind of proud of this ah..discovery of mine and always wanted a chance to show it in school.

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