CBSE Class XII Physics Practical Activities Manual

The whole problem with our school physics department is that even though they create manuals for our use, they keep just one copy – from which every dork is expected to take to the school photostat shop and get it Xeroxed. Maybe it’s an evil scheme to make money, maybe it’s just plain dumb – and I really can’t say which one it is because BOTH are quite likely. I asked our physics teacher once if she had a soft copy, she said yes but…

…I have seriously no idea where it is…

That, in a school which is investing in ‘state-of-the-art’ (my quotes) database system to file such stuff. So anyway, I got one copy made, and with my heart full of compassion to do good to others (and get many more hits), I decided to scan ’em and put ’em up for download. It’s a zipped file containing individual scans of different pages. Don’t enjoy.

Download the CBSE Class 12 Physics Practical Activities Manual (it’s a biggie – approximately 18 MB in size)

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Thankyou for hearing my plight regarding the practicals. I
owe you one!

I am from barabanki up central academy.

Thank you very much I desperately needed this coz
I had a deadline of two weeks
you r very compassionate I wish all your wish come true
nd if u dont have a girlfriend you will very have her.
All the best for ur life

There r people in this who r not self-centered
thanx once again

urs anytime

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