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Electric ARC #36 : BITSAT 2008 Application Process Starts

More forms to fill up now kids, because the BITSAT 2008 application forms are out too, and 31st January 2008 is the last day for submission. Click here to download the BITSAT 2008 Information Brochure. BITSAT is the entrance test to BITS Pilani, one of India’s top engineering colleges. They’re one crazy bunch, because they INSIST on calling their other campuses as ‘BITS Pilani – Dubai campus’ or ‘BITS Pilani – Ranchi campus’. Weird. Another thing is that their Hyderabad campus opens next year, so yay, more seats!

The unique thing about BITSAT is that it happens to be an computer-based exam, and is held over a few weeks. That means you don’t necessarily get the same questions, but the same level of questions as other do. Another good thing (or bad?) is that you get to know your score immediately after the test, so no need to spend sleepless nights for me to find out how much of a moron I am.

I think I need to pay attention while filling up THIS form. Already messed up my AIEEE one…

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BIT Mesra is not a part, in any way whatsoever, of the BITS Pilani Campus.

It is a BIT, not a BITS. Moreover, it’s admission is through AIEEE, and not BITSAT.

Yeah. Hope it became clear. šŸ™‚
Its BITS Pilani and its campuses, and BIT Mesra(heard they started calling themselves BIT Ranchi)

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