CBSE Class XII Organic Chemistry Test Flowchart

Right after an update of the qualitative salt analysis cheatsheet (with all its analysis-y goodness in lesser number of pages), comes another useful one – for organic chemistry. I’d like to thank Rach for sending the base document in for this; but I did make a few changes to ensure that the test results were more foolproof.

Bear in mind that this is NOT a cheatsheet, it’s a flowchart; and therefore it doesn’t list all the tests for each type of organic compound. I feel it’s quite unnecessary, because it practicals, all you have to identify the damn thing, rest of the stuff which needs to be written in the paper can be obtained via, ahem, ‘collaboration with fellow beings’. šŸ˜‰

Anyway, the whole idea of this flowchart is to give you a quick way to what your unknown organic compound is. Do bear in mind that you need to conduct the tests exactly in the order listed in the flowchart to minimize chances of error – because for many of these tests there are exceptions which need to be taken care of (and which I have).

Download the CBSE Class 12 Organic Chemistry Test Flowchart

Feedback / suggestions would be appreciated, either for this one, and / or the new version of the salt analysis cheatsheet.

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this is AWESOME!!!!
thanks, man! helps a lot. an all out cheat list would help in the writing part as dudes at my school are not the talking kind…

hey i was looking for d conversion flowchart of organic chem of class 12 but instead m getiing identification of a given unknown organic compound… plzzz help me out where can i find it

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