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VIT University’s exam, which they call VITEEE, was held today. They even released a smug sounding advertisement in newspapers about ‘1.38 lakh students giving VITEEE 2008 (and THUS we’re a good college’. It’s just the ad which sounded too smug (and their smug ‘VITEEE is pronounced as Witty’), because I seriously am interested in VIT – as a backup, that is. My foremost preference still remains NTU Singapore, but otherwise, I think VIT will be a better option any day than any of the NITs. I’ve heard though that cutoffs go quite high, possibly because of the fact that there’s no negative marking in their paper.

Students crib about the fact that VIT is the first to release the results / conduct counselling, but I don’t think that’s an issue. After giving all the other exams like IIT JEE and AIEEE, you’re sure to have a good idea of how it went – and I’m not talking about the politically correct “yeah it went fine” answer. Sit down, go through the paper again (with solutions, if needed), and give a GOOD evaluation on how it went and where you stand. I did, and it’s given me a clear idea where to put my bets on.

Anyway, VITEEE 2008 was quite good. In physics especially, there was a lot of stuff which is generally not covered during the course of JEE preparation – semiconductors, for instance. Chemistry and math were OK too, but out of the lot I’d say my physics portion was the best. Too sad that the bitch in our classroom distributed papers 10 minutes late because she misinterpreted instructions, and then refused to give extra time. In fact, we’d probably have got out papers even later, had it not been for some people from VIT who were going around checking how many students had come, and saw us sitting without the question booklet.

My exam centre was Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan – and boy was there a traffic jam there. I hate traffic jams. It’s quite a small road and office traffic plus witless candidates for ‘Witty’ turning up at the same time ended in a mess. It was quite funny too, how APS uses air raid sirens as school bells. I’ve been there a few times before for competitions, but never heard this one! I wonder what will happen if there is actually an air raid which needs to be notified. Plus, with the tubelights fitted over the ceiling fan blades (thus far, I’d only been to APS’s auditorium), you have a lovely interrogation-room type effect of flickering lights while giving VITEEE.

VIT is the first result which would be coming out, on 9th May 2008. Let’s see if I’ve something witty to say then…

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i got 108/240 mark in Manipal
uget-09(mathematics) do i stand a
chance ? plzzzz reply

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