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Download DCE / NSIT CEE Previous Year Question Archive

Delhi College of Engineering’s entrance exam – the DCE / NSIT CEE 2008 (Common Entrance Exam) is going to be held on 31st May 2008. Curiously however, there’s hardly any stuff available online as far as papers or preparatory material is concerned. Quite odd, given the fact that a LOT of students give this exam from Delhi. Anyway, I did manage to track a question archive down. Click here to download the DCE / NSIT CEE Previous Year Question Archive (2006-2007). It’s a zipped archive containing the PDF files of question papers (with solutions) for all three parts (physics, chemistry, math). These solutions were created by Amity Institute of Competitive Studies.

Note that these papers are ‘memory-based’ – that is, some bloke who sat for the exam was made to recollect and write down all the questions with their options. That’d be the case because you aren’t allowed to take the question paper with you after the exam is over. Therefore, some questions might have been missed out, or the wordings may be different – but the point here is that you WILL get a general idea of how the paper is.

DCE / NSIT CEE is generally tough to get through in, simply because the numbers of seats is quite less; and a lot of students and / or their parents don’t allow mamma’s boys / girls to leave Delhi for studies. They’d “die if they eat hostel food”, blah blah are among the reasons I’ve heard being offered by parents. Nevertheless, people do get through – like Ankit Sud – now in NSIT. I think he got rank 69 if I remember correctly. Ask him the secret of his success, and he’d probably reply:

Get your bloody arse away from the computer / blogging and STUDY.

In other news, Hindustan Times ran an article today about the sorry state of Delhi College of Engineering. Apparently, the computer science engineering course hasn’t been updated for the past ten years. I can imagine that’s probably true (and not an exaggeration). You just need to have a look at DCE’s or NSIT’s website to see 1990s HTML design guidelines in their full glory. I’m talking about the official sites, not the ‘sort of officially unofficial’ sites that the brilliant lads at DCE / NSIT have thankfully created to maintain their reputation. (I’m NOT being sarcastic here.) HT goes on to say that there’s quite a bit of faculty crunch, with quite a few classes running on guest faculty. Also, the lads in mechanical engineering haven’t been able to get their paws on AutoCAD (it’s a design software) – and design software is almost exclusively used these days instead of oversized protractors and drawing sheets.

Which brings me to something I generally say: it seems that most of these places like DCE / NITs have pathetic infrastructure. However, simply because of the fact that the number of seats are less, they’re able to generate a lot of hype of ‘being tough to get into’, and use that to make recruiters part with their greenbacks. I think India should hang its head in shame, rather than tom-tom the ‘greatness’ of these institutions which have reached where they are simply by not keeping up with the times and stagnating the amount of seats available. Other top-rated institutes across the world get where they are based on the research being conducted there. India takes the easy way out, and simply goes in for a ridiculous admission intake ratio. It’s a fact that even the IITs publish a minuscule number of research papers in a year. You can read the whole Hindustan Times article on DCE by clicking here.

At the end of the day however, life will move on. A nation will cheer as another batch of handful of brilliant (and I’m the first one to admit it, without sarcasm) students get into these over-hyped institutions. Who cares about creativity and talent anyway? Not India. They just want people who can give up two years of their lives burning the midnight oil.

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Ah! I’m exactly at the same stage as you were… I’m only interested in CS and Aerospace (The cutoff ranks for which are pretty high – under 1000), but with my current academic state, I probably will only just make it to JEE…

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