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D-Day. Unlike class 10th when I’d spent the whole night waiting for the results with one eye on Lord of the Rings (the book, not the movie) and the other on my web browser, didn’t stay awake this time. Rather, was doing BITSAT mock papers late into the night. Not that they were any good either. Went to sleep at around 4am, got up at 8.20am to check the result. Somehow, that weird sense of anxiety and anticipation that was there the last time was missing. CBSE results site was loading fine, in what possibly is the peak loading time. Strange. Checked my result – 87.2% overall. Strange sense of detachment, like the ones you have while agreeing to the usual yada-yada stuff in site ToS’s. I was relieved, very VERY relieved to see my English marks – 90. I was shit scared about something like class 10th happening in English again, not because it would bring my percentage down, but because I’ve faced a lot of problems because of my pathetic class 10th English score. A ‘repeat performance’ would have been the final nail in the coffin – because people might have been ready to accept that I got screwed ONCE by CBSE, but TWICE they wouldn’t have. I really can’t make out what I’m feeling right now. 87.2% is so haha-haha, but I’m quite happy about English too.

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