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My BITSAT 2008 Experience

Gave BITSAT 2008 yesterday, at the Noida centre. Naman gave it too, although his centre was at Gurgaon. Noida centre happens to be in the middle of nowhere (here’s where it’s located), complete with dust clouds whirling around. Was wearing a smug smile about the fact that I remembered to bring my passport along for ID proof, until I realised at the centre that we were supposed to bring a photocopy. Nothing for it, except filling up the “I’m douche and forgot to bring the ID proof photocopy” like everyone else.

Noida centre is the office of Eduiquity technologies. Capacity of around 150 students, but because of the fact that the Board results came out on Friday and many people didn’t get the minimum 80% in PCM required to sit for the exam, centre was running at half the capacity. Guy at the registration desk seemed to be a Bong and kept insisting I should’ve spelled my name as ‘Onkur’ for “it’s the Bong way of doing it”. Scanned the admit card, issued the regulation scratch pad (“only eight pages, and don’t ask for more”), and allotted a system. There were really smart questions some people were asking the invigilators too. Like, “Is there any negative marking in this paper?”. Really slick. Really slick answer too, “Sorry, we can’t tell you anything”. Guy must’ve died out of suspense.

Test wasn’t as difficult as has been made out in the model test papers by Logic and English section in BITSATRace papers sucks anyway, but the stuff in the actual BITSAT is nowhere near as tough as what a proper standard paper like those of Brilliant Tutorials. Brilliant Tutorials’ online testing service came closest to the level of the paper; while the ones by MTG Learning Media were a bit above the actual BITSAT 2008 level too. The centre has got awfully old monitors which flicker so much that it gives a headache. Yes, there were webcams on all systems, but I bet they were not up and running because there are far too many systems to monitor, or even record that much amount of data every day. Not too many invigilators though, but cheating is not an options. Because in these exams, you can’t have your cake and let your neighbour eat it too.

Won’t be getting through though, because I failed to miss the ground by around 20-25 marks from the expected cutoff this year (expected to be around 270-280). The ‘mark for review’ option is pretty good – use it. The only flaw is that once you go back to a question you’ve marked for review, it gets unmarked. I did exactly that – marked answers which I was only absolutely sure of, and marked any others for review. With 30 minutes to go for the end of the exam, I checked the number of questions I’d attempted, and was fairly sure that not many of them would be wrong. That was around 95 questions (it will be indicated at the top right corner). Enough to get through, I guessed, if a most of them were correct – but I really didn’t want to just ‘get through’ and end up doing chemical engineering. So well, decided to take a risk and mark the answers which I wasn’t sure of and had flagged for review. Turns out I did get quite a few of them wrong. Enough to whack me out of the running. Not disappointed though, because I never really wanted to just join the institute just for the heck of joining it. Getting those unsure ones right would have ensured a higher score, and more importantly, the stream of my choice – and that’s more important.

Next up is DCE / NSIT CEE. Got nary a chance in that, given that more studious folk want to stay in Delhi. Gotta think of the future then.

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