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A Bad Year

A bad start to the year. I’m afraid, that I didn’t get through JEE. Expected that. Didn’t get through NTU. Didn’t expect that – specifically, because I never thought they’d bring up my class 10th English marks again when deciding the final rankings for the interview. They did, I appealed, they haven’t replied. With the interviews starting around 2nd June, I assume that to be a ‘NO’ from their side.

Had DCE / NSIT CEE yesterday. Physics went extremely well, but all I have to say is that I’m glad all the exams are over. I don’t expect anything great from AIEEE or CEE either – simply because I know I’m getting the top colleges, and I know that I don’t want to go to just about any college to get a degree. Or even in the highly unlikely chance that BITSAT cutoffs fall, I won’t get the branches of my choice. Which is exactly what I don’t want to do – take a branch I’m not interested in.

I could go on and say why I didn’t get through. Those reasons might sound logical, but I won’t. The plain and simple fact is – I didn’t get through. Period. So I’m not going to make any excuses. Or offer any reasons. All that matters to me is that I know where I went wrong, and exactly how much more happier I’d be if I hadn’t screwed. And I’ve a fairly good idea now how to set thing right. Too bad that it’ll take one more year to achieve it.

I’m not even going to bother to check my AIEEE result – because I know that it wasn’t good, and I don’t want to be tempted by the whole relatives brigade of taking a ‘backup option’ at any goddamn college. I think dropping a year, and rectifying the mistakes that I made in the past one (two?) years is the way forward – than getting an engineering degree for the sake of it.

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I am in the same group as you are.I have my final anMd last exam, BITSAT tomorrow.I have worked hard in the last two years for the competition, but things arent coming out the way i expect them too.I didnt get through JEE,I didnt get through NTU and I dont know the reason why.y DCE and AIEEE although i am expecting a rank but I dont know if id get the branch that i want.

Its been a hard 2 years and still getting nowhere makes it harder.Taking a drop isnt what i am considering, although i love Computers and see my future in it.I dont want to wait for another year,preparing for the competitions.

Life’s way to say.”ITS TOUGH”.I guess.

Well thats that.Apart from this,I have been going through your blog for the past 2 days and Id have to say its one of the most intresting blogs i Have Read.Keep up the good work.

P.S.: I am also beginning towards Linux.Planning to install Fedora on my machine.Id be thankful for any help you could offer.I have got queries.Please forward me your messenger id on uditaagarwal at gmail dot com.

Wow. Are you also one of those people who rate a Delhi Univ BSc lower than a BTech? The only disadvantage I see is that the course duration is 3 years which is a year short of what is required for post-grad admissions abroad.

Although you can do an additional 1 year of something else after that and run away, if that’s the problem. Then, there also transfers to courses that get you the same degree but are of a longer duration abroad.

Choices are plenty. Don’t close your options because of what others might say.

Hmm…Dont know much about it on my side.The society never let me open my window beyond the B.Tech pillar.What do you do Abhishek?? .. I am looking for a way to say,Phlease Tell Me More

Same Boat. I think I did make quite a few mistakes around. I dunno but i jus’ get the feeling that sitting at home, studying my ass off for a SAT score, and trying for Purdue, if not better is the thing to do for me. I mean I have virtually NOTHING to expect from AIEEE, now that my score seems like some 78. I go with GQ. It’s damage control time. BOL.

@JackStinger: BOL to you too, buddy. šŸ™‚ At least, you’ve Manipal at hand. I don’t, because I didn’t give it.

@Abhishek: Ah, that’s not what I meant. I’m interested in aerospace engineering, or system administration. The first is only there in IITs (there are a few private ones, but not that good). For the other option, you need to have either a B Tech or B Sc, and then demonstrate your expertise on the job since there isn’t any specific ‘course’ for system administration. Yes, I could get CS through AIEEE, but it probably won’t be a very good college. I thought very seriously about B Sc in DU, but then, Venky’s, which is quite close to my house doesn’t have it. Your college or Hindu do, but it’ll be a pain in the ass to go there. So I rather thought that I should drop a year, because I hope I can rectify my mistakes. Still open about joining DU though.

@Udit: I know exactly what predicament you’re in. Well, I’m quite OK with dropping a year since I don’t want to be a doing a branch I’m not interested in. As for Linux, the latest Ubuntu release sucks. I would suggest you to wait for OpenSuSe 11 to come out (sometime in mid-June), because the download size for Fedora and OpenSuSe is the same, and OpenSuSe comes with much better support for stuff like wireless drivers, licensed codecs, etc etc. Mail me for more queries on Linux, if you have. Best of luck to you too for college admissions.

Hey Ankur, looks like a good blog. I am going to bookmark and read it. Reminds me of my time spent waiting for all the MBA results and made-throughs/didn’t-make-throughs etc. Good luck to you!

BTW Amity launched an institute on Space Engg. this year. I belive it offers aerospace/avionics Engg.

System Administration … ?

Giveing JEE / AIEEE and all the other EEEs have had an effect.

I employ sys admin. They are good in weird things – hacking of admin passwords, fiddling with hardware / software and other stuff but ….

… I get them for 8000 per month.

Dont go into that hole …

Problems occur when you have choices. If there are no choices then there are no problems.

Therefore list all choices and choose one.

As I see it …

Choice 1. skip a year and give all the EEEs again (but wait u need to have a plan B on this one. What if your predicament is same again?)

Choice 2. Go for DU.

Choice 3. Check out engineering colleges still open.

I read yesterday about some Maths course in DU and the chappie went on to Masters in Engineering in US afterwards. If Engineering is want you want go for Bsc / BA Maths.

If you are intrested in doing MBA after Engg then Engg does not matter, go for DU (good college , any course – Maths is again an good option)

In short looking at ur state – you have two options (1) as above and (2) join DU Maths.. Last year Cut Offs for Maths at Ramjas and Venky are very close to your 12th marks. Go 4 it.

@Rohit: I meant Linux system administration, which is quite a niche job because of the fact that not many people take that line up. And I’ve heard there’s quite a demand for Linux sysadmins in enterprise management environments, web administration etc. Yes, I’ve thought of DU too, and Math plus masters abroad does sound interesting. Thanks for the advice! šŸ™‚

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