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Well I am sorry that I am posting after such a long time but the thing is that sometimes things tend to go off the rocker down here folks and yours truly, truly leads the charge. I just got another conformation today that I am crazy, anyway. My pre-boreds got over and boy did I mess ‘em up. I didn’t study anything at all and I made a series of educated guesses in SST which later turned out to be right, which is besides the point that I screwed up my mathematics paper despite knowing it through and through. So all in all it has been a pretty bad week. Now I recently had a revelation-it doesn’t matter, it took me 24 hours of sleep deprivation to realize that, I am truly a fool. To cap it off people around me think that I am some sort of Casanova, seriously, when will they get it?

I was flipping through old newspapers yesterday and I read an article about how the people who hate the TATA Nano are “neo-casteists”, I am not sure what it means maybe it’s a synonym for an environmentalist, but I honestly think that someone is paying somebody for all of these glowing reviews, but I still stand by what I think is right. This car has some really ominous strings attached to it, see the thing is that, as I have pointed out at several blogs, a really cheap car like this would create exponential consumption of fuel not to mention increasing our dependence on foreign oil. Do you think that we can afford to play second fiddle to these oil powers? No, I propose something different, we go electric the government subsidizes research into battery technology and we utilize a nuclear power backbone to power it, if the USA can meets its power demands through solar and renewable resources why can’t we do the same? Then we start to invest in a portfolio of different alternate energy resources in order to meet our growing demand. I think that if we need to ensure the survival of our species into the next century we need to take a strong stand on this NOW. We might have activated a positive feedback loop and it may be all spinning out of control already, the ice is melting in the arctic and without doubt we’re responsible. Like the saying goes “We have not inherited this planet from our forefather, we’ve borrowed it from our children”, what account will we give of our stewardship of the planet to our own descendants?

The government has to understand that it isn’t about economical growth or satisfying capitalists it’s about our common future we need to think beyond the next election in order to do what is right. I hated it when they declined emission regulations by saying that the USA didn’t follow it during its growth, at that time we didn’t know the consequences now we do. Why do we choose to walk into ambush surely the well being of the species is more important than profits? Oh by the way, while we’re talking about profits, my birthday is coming up and although I don’t make any demands-except for a few books, but my dear reader if you want to buy me something here she is (the laptop you dolts):Macbook Air

I mean she’s perfect she has everything anyone can ask for, except for an optical drive, but who cares she’s so pretty and powerful not to mention beautiful. Anyway, check this kid out, I am taking Fake Steve’s line on this, if I ever grow up to form a company this guy’s in my PR department, he really has the perfect attitude, just see it and you’ll know what I mean.

Note: Reading beyond this point isn’t necessary or recommended due to concerns for mental health…

Anyway, I was reading an article in WIRED about “Push” Singh, that’s the first time I have been introduced to his work and personally I think that he was on to something there. His idea to program common sense into a computer by using fact submissions through the internet is a refreshing idea but the thing is that I don’t think that it will work, ever. Due to the simple reason that I doubt it if the machine is reasoning about things that are being fed into it, so what’s the difference between us and the internet? After the entire internet is surely filled up with facts, all sorts of them but does it achieve consciousness, no. I guess it may be due to the fact that it doesn’t know the meaning of the input, it doesn’t think about it now does it? The internet can’t reflect upon these facts. Sure there’s a database component in our brains, we access it but that’s not all there’s to it, I firmly think that we need some logical and intuitive basis too on how to accept the inputs and how to utilize the facts, it simply isn’t a fact spouting machine, there’s some basis in how to use the world knowledge component to survive, now survival is the key. We compete through out our lives for survival and we acquire the tools over time to succeed in this world, we seem to become intuitive psychiatrists in order to predict the actions of others and to extrapolate the course of our own actions in the group in order to survive hence there are several key components here; emotions, social interaction, world knowledge & logic acting over time to shape up the mind for survival, perhaps the very root of our intelligence lies in the need to survive, we need to keep on going on. Perhaps we ought to replicate these drives in order to correctly simulate the mind or perhaps to create something better than it.

Then I had this brain flash in the library yesterday at a round table conference between little ole me, a desperate lover and a chronicler. It occurred to me that why I don’t use something like brooks subsumption architecture in order to create the drives which are in turn affected by the emotion counters. Then when the machine solves the presented problem or input it is squarely dependent on these factors which later interface with the world knowledge component and the gene program to give it viable options that change due to the variability of the counters! It should never repeat the same output twice; it would be similar but never the same!

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@Chirag: Uh, it’s not my post, it’s by Anuj Bharadwaj (from DPS RKP). He deleted his blog a few months back because of some issues. I liked his posts, so I gave him space here to archive them. I’ll be putting them up slowly. He (Anuj) was in 10th then, now he’s in 11th.

@ankur : Ok…ya i’ve heard of anuj and that he’s a really good quizzer.
I just got mistaken and assumed it was you writing…

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