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2008 : Year In Review / 2009 What-The-F Should I Write Now Combo Post

Right. First to quash any rumors of me having died in a night of drunken revelry on 31st. I’m very much alive, thank you. I know it’s kinda late to wish happy new year to everyone, but there, I just wished you a few words back.

2008 was a year in which a lot – and nothing at all happened in my life…


I mean like, apart from the school farewell? My pre-Boards weren’t that great, if you need to know.


Got a nice do-well-in-the-exams-card (and a few others I’m not mentioning here) from Career Launcher. My highly irritating list of things associated with 42 did its job, i.e., irritate people. The Oscar jury proved they are as sane as a packet of mixed nuts while handing out gold. I had to use Windows Vista for some time. And Microsucks tried to buy Yahoo!, but was pushed off. Hell hath no fury like a woman Ballmer scorned, and M$ never thought of buying Yahoo! again. I also gave Anuj my word to archive his deleted blog’s entries here, which hasn’t totally been completed yet.


cbse-centre-42Had the Board exams. Not that I took it much seriously, in between the Board exams I also went to participate in the Tata Crucible Campus Edition quiz. Right. Between. My. BOARD. Exams. Meanwhile, even as my exams were going on I started work on our ThinkQuest entry (with Jimi Hendrix and Varun Mishra onboard too). By the time my exams got over we were working like crazy. Especially the last few hours. Even got to chat with Richard ‘Da Gawd’ Stallman himself on that pretext. It was all so goddamn fun.


I shifted my blog to WordPress! After years of enduring torture on that shite called ‘Blogger’, WordPress is like a zoo animal waking up one day to find its cage open. My blog, Naman’s blog, and Apoorv’s blog got “Digg-like traffic” (Apoorv’s words) because of all the AIEEE / VIT posts. Which reminds me, I did appear for the JEE and AIEEE exams – if you can call turning up at the centre ‘appearing’. Yes folks, that’s my honest evaluation in retrospect.


More bad gnus – I lost my PageRank because of accepting sponsored posts on my blog. (I believe the Google-founders did a coin toss to decide whether it should be ‘BrinRank’ or ‘PageRank’. They realized that the latter sounded better.) “Digg-like traffic” continued. I gave appeared for some more exams. Douglas Adams’ death anniversary was remembered. IITians were made fun of. Towel Day was celebrated too. I read an unputdownable book.


So it was official now – I didn’t ‘get through’ nowhere. Spain won the Euro Cup. My Board results were pretty good though. I don’t care about anything else other than the fact that CBSE didn’t fuck up my English marks. (Class 10th English Board marks still haunt me.)


By this time, I had decided about dropping a year. The first-ever Pan Delhi Geeks Meet was held. HBO made breakthroughs in medical science by murdering the faithful departed. Professor Randy Pausch died of cancer.


‘Social media’ was the buzzword of the year, and rightly so. We missed Chef’s chocolate salty balls. The guys at DCE showed off their superb web designing skills. Stuff got smashed.


I had great fun conducting the Inter-DPS Contemporary India Quiz (along with Pony)! I tried talking about browsing. The Large Hadron Collider didn’t end the world.


I went for my very first BarCamp and made some good friends there. Durga Pujo and Kali Pujo took place – in the same month. I gave my SAT Subject Tests.


Gave my SAT Reasoning Test. Rappers threatened people to vote. Michael Crichton died (may his soul rest in peace). Code Wars 2008 (“soBIG.tough“) surprised everyone with each and every event starting and finishing on time – a first for any event in Delhi. Watching movies became a payne in the ass. Exun 2008 was held (DPS VK won!), which brought back sweet memories of Exun 2007 (There were some really nice questions there.)


I gave TOEFL, submitted my apps, and crossed my fingers. Started Twittering after I discovered its integration with Facebook. JKR released a new book.

Besides, a spent a lot of time this year polishing my programming skills. Taking a break after 12 years of hectic studying school was…nice. And agonizing at the same time. Years down the line however I don’t think I’ll repent my decision.

An exciting new year ahead, there’s a lot to forward to – including on my blog. Wish everyone of you has a good year too.

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What was your page rank before you lost it?

And do change Paradise Falls to Shadow Line in the Elsewhere On The Web column. Lord Vader liked it more than the former.

@Aditya: I reached a PageRank high of 5 before it was revoked. I don’t mind. I am anyway among the top results for many of the more unique articles, and the more generic ones – well, I know I’d never get top ranked for them. So I really don’t care about PR. I already get a lot of traffic (more in a few months than lnexun was ever had in its existence, for instance) through search and returning visitors.

Amen, thanks for the space by the way!

On the other hand, I think that you did the right thing. You followed your heart. I don’t care how silly you sound with your manic open source sermons, but the fact is you will always remain to me an awesome guy, irritating like moi, but simply awesome.

Look no matter where you end up in life I’ll be there with you ready to help you. Although I think that it might be the other way round, I simply ‘know’ that you’ll succeed in doing whatever you want to do.

Just remember this shoot for the moon, even if you fail at least you will be among the stars. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Damn, I never knew that I could get so emotional, and incoherent.

@ Ankur – So, not a very bad year also really? Was it? The Year of Fear, The Year of Terror and what-not. But therez always hope – That Yes We Can!

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