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Hear all!, an conference on free and open source software will be taking place at Jawaharlal Nehru University on 20-21 February 2009. Now I know what the first question everyone wants to ask is – “Will there be free WiFi?”. From what I hear, we will have that. Can’t think of a conference on FOSS without that. Have a look at the sessions which are scheduled and register yourself as a participant. Participation is free of course. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend day 2 because I’ll be attending WordCamp.

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Same here. I’ve started my blog at I won’t get much time to update though for a couple of weeks due to those board exams (SST and French first: my weak points).

By the way, you seem to be a Star Wars fan, considering your biodata (the Sith Code). Can you tell me much about KOTOR 1 (if you’ve played it)? I’m planning to buy a copy after the boards from amazon or someplace, but from what I’ve heard, there are a couple of problems with graphic cards and the rest. Can you possibly give some minimum requirements or something of the sort based on any past experiences (again, only if you’ve played the game). It sounds cool and I want to try it.

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