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The IIT Joint Entrance Exam 2009 was held today, with around 3.6 lakh aspirants giving the exam. Seems that the number of students fighting per seat has gone down, but that is expected with the a number of new IITs starting up. There are more seats now in the IITs, although not significantly higher. Government’s decision to give more reservations seems to be ‘paying off’ – with around 40% candidates for IITJEE 2009 from the reserved category.

You can download solutions for IIT JEE 2009 by clicking the links below. These solutions / analysis have been provided by Career Launcher’s ARC programme.

  1. IIT JEE 2009 Analysis (PDF, ~116 KB) – An executive summary of format changes and expected cutoffs for IITJEE 2009.
  2. IIT JEE 2009 Question Papers along with Answer List (ZIP file containing PDFs, ~3.2 MB) – JEE ’09 question paper with the answering key. In case you want only the answer key for individuals papers, click the following links to download IIT JEE 2009 Paper 1 Answer Key and download IITJEE 2009 Paper 2 Answer Key (both PDF files less than 100 KB in size.

In a bit of shocking news, it has come to light that there were errors in the IIT JEE 2008 paper which might have cost candidates up to 18 points! This was discovered after Professor KD Joshi went through the JEE 2008 paper and the model solutions posted by IIT online. While this may not affect everyone, for those aiming for top ranks it might have made a signifcant difference in their eventual ranking. What is even more surprising that errors actually slipped though an exam of the level of JEE.

While looking up for the JEE ’09 solutions, I went to the Career Launcher website. I knew about their logo redesign, but they also seem to be taking many steps to ‘modernize’ themselves (this from a company which is already pretty cutting edge when it comes to the use of technology in the classroom) and harness social media including an active YouTube channel for Career Launcher. Career Launcher has a blog for engineering aspirants too – kinda dormant though. It’s good that at least some companies in the education field in India are making efforts to make studies more engaging and interactive for students.

Wishing all exam aspirants luck with their IITJEE result and forthcoming exams.

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hmmm….”In a bit of shocking news, it has come to light that there were errors in the IIT JEE 2008 paper which might have cost candidates up to 18 points!”…no wonder i didnt get through..! ;D

Single Integer Type were so shit. Almost going back to Subjective. Looking for the solutions. šŸ™‚ Not that I’ll get through by any means, but I just want too look at them.

Chem was the only one decent. Also had my test centre as my school only. In the break, duties of teachers were changed, the incharge said she’ll put two teachers I want to invigilate in my room and even my Maths and Physics Sir agreed to help, but damn luck, I came late after going for break and by that time IIT people were back too from their break and the list couldn’t be changed šŸ™

Almost all of India. Even if I want I can’t rather wouldn’t apply for foreign universities thanks to CBSE, for ruining my 10th class results with 79 in English. šŸ™‚ Asses.

Thanks for the heads-up. Updated the article now. Do you mind if I mirror the content here instead of hotlinking the files? It’ll save you guys bandwidth too – given that this post is already in top 10 search results for JEE solutions.

Will you mind if I mirror the maths part from .zip on wikiversity.

Or else you can do it yourself and join a newly growing school there.
–A wikian on

AFAIK, don’t you think the content here would be incompatible with the GNU Free Documentation License what Wikiversity is licensed under?

Not really,
your pdf’s dont advertise more than a logo.

And everyone is entititled the right to copy, study and use the question of IITJEE.

Also if you allow,
instead of uploading it on wiki server,

either of us can upload it as pdf (after seperating maths part from rest) on either ur or my blog and link it from wikiversity.

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