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At long last, is finally here. The concept has been in cold storage, then development for quite a while and I’m happy to say that we’re launching today. Yes, it’s been delayed for some time, but I’m quite happy that we’re launching today. 😉

gyaan final is primarily a forum where Indian quizzers can interact with each other – share questions and question archives, notify upcoming quizzes, discuss general topics. One thing we felt was that many options out there right now were technologically lacking. Most quiz forums these days are on Yahoo! Groups or Google Groups and neither of the two provide flexibility to users in terms of uploading attachments, embedding images and YouTube videos, embedding audio files. Quizzes these days use multimedia in higher proportions.‘s platform doesn’t restrict you in such ways. We also aren’t using old-school forum software like phpBB which, frankly, look terrible. We’re running Vanilla Forum which gives you more usability with a better interface than the others; interface is quite like an email inbox actually.

The technological advantage isn’t the primary reason why we’re starting this. We want to provide a platform where there are no ‘official positions’ – the community chooses which direction to take the forum. To put it quite simply, a forum where we quiz for the love of quizzing. To this extent, we have created a charter for

  1. Nothing Official About It
    At we intend to extend informal interactions between members. For too long in the quizzing circle people have considered each other in a mildly to overtly hostile manner. Informal interactions – members getting to know each other as real people – instead of simply ‘competitors to defeat’ should make a nicer quizzing world.
  2. Don’t Be Evil
    An extension of point 1, at we intend to ensure that no sort of politicking kicks in. To maintain sanity (actually, to combat spam) we will have moderators on the forum but we do not intend to have any sort of ‘positions’. You – the user – have your say in matters and the community decides collectively on its future. What we will have, instead, are evangelists / moderators within the community to spread the word. If you’re interested in being more actively involved in organizational matters then please get in touch with us at contact [at] gyaan [dot] in.
  3. Quizzing, But Not For Points
    We do not intend to have a league table to keep track of who’s getting how many questions right on the forum or events. Partly this is intended to ensure that members who arrive late to the scene aren’t disadvantaged by early adopters who have had a head-start in answering questions. The main reason, however, is that we don’t want it to become Yet Another Place To Look At Other People As Competitors.
  4. IRL
    Once members get acquainted with each other on the Web, we would like to extend the interaction by holding ‘offline’ meets where you can get to converse with members IRL (‘in real life‘). Some of these meets could be where a small quiz is conducted, others could be simply informal meets.
  5. Quality Content
    Providing regular, quality content quizzes, articles, news, archives. Giving you a platform where you can share such resources easily – with our dedicated team of moderators providing editorial support. Content would cover oft-ignored topics in quizzing circles too such as technology and contemporary music.
  6. Promote Quizzing In Delhi, Especially In Schools
    Compared to other cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai etc Delhi is often considered to be ‘lagging behind’. While that isn’t entirely true, we do feel that a lot more can be done in encouraging schoolkids to take up quizzing. Our first focus would be to make significant progress on this front in Delhi.

Getting started at is easy. Visit the site and if you aren’t already a member, then click on the ‘Apply for membership’ link. This is a short registration form which will send some basic details. A moderator will manually approve your account – this is done to ensure that no spam bots get into the system. The forum is not pre-moderated, i.e., as soon as your account is active you can start being a part of the discussions. We will not put messages into a moderation queue for posting. However, if community members report content as offensive or spam then we’ll look into and try to resolve the situation.

That’s basically it! Click on the ‘Start a new discussion’ link to start a new topic. You have a WYSIWYG editor to compose and format your message. If you want to embed YouTube videos click on ‘HTML’ in the formatting bar and insert the video code. Images can be uploaded as attachments, or uploaded online elsewhere (say or TinyPic) and then inserted by pasting URL after click the ‘image’ icon (next to smiley icon). To send messages to particular user on the forum, click on that person’s username. This will take you to that person’s profile where you’ll find a Facebook style ‘wall’ where you converse directly with a user on the forum.

I’ve been using the pronoun ‘we’ in this post, so who exactly is ‘we’? We are the moderators behind I’m Ankur Banerjee, you can find out about me here. Rishav Dey proposed the idea for and has played a major in role in reminding me that deadlines to launch were whooshing by again and again. I’m indebted to him for bringing this idea up. Prateek Vijayavargia provided inputs on what exactly the student community wants to be. Karmanya Aggarwal and Vishesh Kumar have supported this venture from the very beginning, being a part of the discussion that went into this and worked on some web development aspects of the project. विशेष धन्यवाद to Vishesh Kumar, for he’s the guy who created the logo. Other moderators on board are Aditya S, Agrim SIngh, Arjun Attam, Chirag Jain, Mridul Kapoor, Vivek Nair, VS Karthick.

At, we are open to feedback and discussion on the future of this community. Please do send in any suggestions, bugs in the forum software, queries, critcisms, praise – anything you want! If you’re interested in becoming a moderator and are ready to devote time to this project then do drop us a line. Our email address for all concerns is contact [at] gyaan [dot] in. Spread the word!

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Of course! is open to one and all, pan India forum. It’s just in the case of real life meets that we’re currently restricted to Delhi because most of our moderators are from Delhi. Once we get moderators from other cities then someone can take the initiative at other places too!

Er, now that many of us are moderators (I’m guessing that many are), how do we decide who will post questions on which day? If I have counted correctly, there are twelve names mentioned in the post, out of which (probably) Mridul Kapoor and Arjun Attam may not be able to post frequently.

One more question. Can we moderate comments on post as well? Like let a question to be open for a day, and then show all the answers in the comments. So no one would know the correct answer.

Let’s keep it non-competitive. We aren’t making a leaderboard for people to compare how many questions they got right. Question of the day is intended as a an archive of good questions.

First of all,I must complement the team. The site looks and works great.
And secondly, I really like the concept as this will help in bringing the whole quizzing fraternity close together,which will surely be a boon for me and for all other delhi quizzing enthusiasts.

And those IRLs sound kinda interesting.
All in all, hats off to you guys!

Ankur, how do you manage to do so much stuff with precision. Maintaining your blog and this, which seems to be the baap of all quizzing blogs is amazing. Also can we as a member post a question.

Thanks for those kind words. 🙂 Yes of course you can post questions / start discussion as a member on We welcome any and all sort of productive participation.

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