Cockroaches and nuclear holocausts

The first short story I ever wrote (at age 9) was about a family of cockroaches after they survived a nuclear holocaust. This is not scary. What is scary is that I was writing about nuclear holocausts at age 9. Too much Discovery Channel.

(Yeah yeah, I know, this is déjà vu for my Twitter / Facebook followers. I felt like sharing it with an extended audience, m’kay?)

I’d kill anything to come up with ideas like that to write these days. Stuck in a rut.


Fact: Merely looking at this Cannes Silver Lion award-winning advertisement puts on an FBI watchlist. Even if you live in a country outside of FBI jurisdiction.


Sachin Tendulkar wearing “a large, khaki-colored, floppy hat. Like, that a lady would wear while gardening. This is apparently legal.” Billie Jean. And a “vital, passionate Afridi”.

This is what you get when two Americans who’ve never watched cricket ‘live-blog’ an India vs Pakistan match months later. Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

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Nice! I remember writing a Sci-Fi short story in fifth grade, on.. wait for it.. cockroaches. They were sentient and did some stuff and then the protagonist got killed. wasn’t very good though 😛

Most people seem very enamoured with Tumblr these days because of its simple interface, although that also seduces people into writing shorter form posts. WordPress is the platform of choice for most who have been blogging for a long while (including this blog); it’s has a lot more features but can also be more confusing for beginners. Nothing that a couple of hours using it cannot sort out.

areey but for using WordPress we need a registered domain and a hosting account… it costs money… I don’t care about the extra ‘blogspot’ or ‘typepad’ in blog’s URL… Just want the best…

No, you don’t. WordPress has two versions – one, downloadable from that you can buy and install on your own hosting, own domain name. The second is a free version at which gives you a free * blog address, free storage space for files etc. Try it out!

Another problem I have is this ‘inner critic’ of mine. Whenever I try to write something, I’m just not confident enough of what I write. This prevents me from developing my own writing style. I wanted to ask you that when you’d just started writing way back in ’04, how it all started? Did you also had this problem of constantly deleting back lines? If yes, how did you overcome it?

See this. I’d say my writing was obviously much less mature back then. I was much less mature back then. Sometimes you just have to let go and be prepared for criticism. You cannot expect to get just praise!

The Kia car in question has a climate control system that maintain two separate temperatures in each side of the car (or so it claims). I’m sure you understand the rest in the context of the ad.

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