I was really enjoying writing these travel blog posts from Turkey. I accidentally spilled Diet Coke on my keyboard though and my netbook’s keys gummed up. Most of them went back to their springy shape, except for ‘f’ and a couple of other keys. This annoyed me to no end because I’m a touch typist and consciously having to think about typing a key kills my speed.

So I gave up and kicked back to enjoy the rest of the trip. I’ve got a new laptop now, so I can finally get some work done. Uni starts again next week, and I need to get some reports done first. The good news is that I only have lectures two days a week, which gives me enough time to work on my final year project, my societies, and completing the rest of the Turkey blog entries. Taking a short hiatus as I sort that out.

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Why do ‘diet coke’ drinkers always specify that it’s diet coke? Why can’t you people just say coke?

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