Mallusionist – A great website to learn magic secrets

Mallusionist — your source the worst secrets in magic

I just discovered this GREAT website on magic while surfing the Ask Yahoo! page on sawing people in half. Everyone must have seen this commonplace magic trick, but ever wondered how it’s done? This Mallusionist website, much to the dismay of magicians, reveals the secrets about this, and many other magic tricks. The collection as of now is small but it is growing. The style is pretty refreshing, with sarcasm and wisecracks littered across every page (much to MY liking). Also, check

out their website ‘I Am An Atheist‘, a MUST for any atheist, or even if you do believe in God, for its amazing outlook at life and witty comments in the ‘Arguments…’ section. It almost feels as if the ghost of Douglas Adams had entered the minds of the site developers.

This is your homework for today, be a good student and complete it.

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