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Matrix-Ecomm 2006

The 7th Annual Brother Aloysius Matrix-Ecomm 2006 was held at Mount St. Mary’s School today. Actually, it was the first day of the event, it concludes tomorrow. I’m going to speak about what I went for, and my impression of the event.

Organised by my pal and former GQB member, Abhishek Nandakumar (who is the Matrix President), the event had the usual stuff you’d find at any comp fest. My first visit to the school, and it was nice. Infrastructure seemed good, from what we saw, but maybe we went to the better sections. One thing I always wonder about is why missionary schools anywhere have the best toilets; ours is pale in comparison.

The Code Warriors of DPS Vasant Kunj will participate in every event. I went for the quiz prelims today. For those who want to leave now, we came 5th in an event in which top 4 qualified.

Long story. The prelims started pretty late. And when we got it, it was nothing like a ‘computer and economics’ quiz that it had been reported to be. 30 questions to be done in 20 minutes. Our team consisted of me, Prannoy Sablok and Divyanshu Sethi. Divyanshu, the eco guy on team, was too stunned by my answer to contribute much himself. Me and Prannoy got cracking on the paper. It was more of trivia actually, something I’m good at, but seriously didn’t expect to encounter here. I think we were pretty loud while discussing, because it turned out that quite a few not-so-good teams around us ended up writing the same answers.

The 4 qualifying teams were DPS RKP (do they breed like rabbits or do they eat superfood; where on earth do these people get so many students for any competition?), DPS Noida, New Era Public School (an upcoming force in quizzing, I see), and Convent of Jesus & Mary (What!!! How did THEY quailfy!?!). We came in after them I suppose.

Honestly, we goofed up bits. We wrote correct answers, and then changed them to wrong ones. Or messed up ones that we actually knew. Made silly mistakes. WE COULD HAVE QUALIFIED TODAY.

I’m getting really sick of this burnout phenomenon with me these days. Is it some problem with me (I answered many questions today…)? Or is it that I’m not finding proper backup support. It’s at times like these I wish I was in DPS RKP. The quest for the elusive member continues. Actually, point is, DPS RKP has many students, among whom many are crazy about quizzing. Their admin doesn’t care about their acads, because they’ve other people to handle it. With DPS VK, they want us to do well in both, which is a tad difficult, to put it mildly. I want someone crazy about quizzing here…

Next up – MINET 2006 on 1st and 2nd September 2006. Stay tuned for more.

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