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My Quiz Pal Pony

Prannoy Sablok aka PonyPony relaxing at his new country ranch

Talking about people who helped me this year, I must thank my quiz partner Prannoy Sablok, an ace (racing) Code Warrior. His alias, according to Exunites (‘Exun’ stands for ‘Extras Unlimited’), is G(r)ayfox; yup that’s the same crazy chap in Metal Gear. He himself though prefers the name ‘Pony’ (apparently his sister calls him so). After years of active school quizzing, culminating with an excellent performance in 2006, Pony has now retired and confirmed what we all suspected – the grass IS greener in the other side (of the school playground).

Horse shitWords of wisdom uttered by Pony after he got an answer wrong at Exun 2006

Right now, Pony is a bit busy with his Bored exams. He complains that he has been put on a diet of seaweed, because it’s ‘brain food’. After all this horseshit is over though, Pony would like to let his wilder instincts take over and he’s gonna play Horse Racing Fantasy on his new beefed-up PC with an AMAZING 642 kb of free disk space (after all, Bill Gates said that “640 kb ought to be enough for everyone).

I must thank him though, that in spite of the fact that I had to beg him for 5-6 hours before any contest to come along, and the fact that I found his habit of saying “My intuition told me this would be coming, and I didn’t read it in the morning” after every question on stage, and in spite of the fact that I sometimes screamed at him on stage, he’s a real good quizzer. Our teamwork was so good, and we had our subject specializations charted out so well that in each quiz we went to, we made a splash. He’s been a real fun horse, er person, to know, and believe me, he won’t take you for a ride. Best of luck Pony, riding into the sunset of school quizzing…

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