A bit of Iron Maiden trivia

Iron Maiden performs in Bangalore today (sigh, hardly anyone comes to Delhi), so I thought I’d give some Iron Maiden trivia to suit the mood. It’s one of my fave bands after all! And no Rach, Iron Maiden isn’t a really tough woman.

  1. Iron maiden torture device‘Iron maiden’ is the name of a medieval torture device. Yup, the one shown above – it’s got nails and the poor chap who needs to be killed is pushed inside, where he might die due to bleeding, or lack of oxygen. Rach may be interested in this now – Tim Burton apparently loves iron maidens; he’s shown those in a few films of his like Sleepy Hollow.
  2. Iron Maiden EddieThe ghost-like figure featured on Iron Maiden albums is called Eddie. He even has an official video game Ed Hunter (it’s an FPS) with . Even this tour is a part of ‘Eddfest’.
  3. I was wondering how DNA Networks gets to organize all the major concerts. Seriously, they’ve pretty much bagged everyone that came to India.

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And, what makes you think that I’d be interested in something as gory as the chokey/iron maiden???
I’m no Tim Burton fan. I mean, he’s fine, can direct some good movies (like Big Fish), but he isn’t as great as Chris Nolan.

Big Fish? Oh please, I thought it’d be an interesting movie on hearing the name (I expected it to be something more like Jaws), but hell, I saw it’s trailer and yuck! What a mushy storyline, so old-fashioned! Yuck yuck yuck!

Why don’t you like iron maidens? They are so ingenious you know. I wonder who invented them…

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