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A big big thank you to all readers first! Over the past few days, my blahg has been getting up to 200-400 UNIQUE visitors PER DAY. Now THAT is a staggering amount of people to handle. Most of them came to have a look at the solution papers that I’ve uploaded, and it’s amazing that my whole Mediamax file storage of 1 GB got used up in two days.

That shows how popular they were. I’d thought Mediamax would be enough, but clearly, the audience wants more. šŸ˜‰ So I’ve started transitioning my files, once again within a short duration of a few weeks, to GoDaddy servers with 250 GB of data transfer. I hope that’s enough for everyone! And in case you’ve subscribed to my blahg updates, then you’ll automatically get a notification of the post which has the new link to that file.

Happy surfing!

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Okies, did that. Thanks for the linkback from F1 Chronicles, but, [boohoo sniff sniff], why am I not there yet on your blog’s link list? I mean not complaining or anything, but I do update my blog more than some of the other guys on it!

yeah i have been thinking about that for a while now, added

sorry for being late

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