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Nokia 6260 Review: A Bad Buy

Nokia 6260Product description for Nokia 6260 on Yahoo! Tech
My Rating of Nokia 6260: 6 / 10
Pros: The usual stuff is all there – VGA camera, Bluetooth / IR, FM radio, MP3 capability, memory card slot etc – but which phone doesn’t have that in the medium range segment.
Cons: Pathetic design – it’s simply TERRIBLE. Amazingly small buttons which hinder your work.

Yes folks, what you saw is correct. I AM giving a low rating to a Nokia phone. Before you faint, let me elaborate.

The Nokia 6260 is clamshell-design phone – something Nokia hasn’t been very good at. Nokia better stick to its candybar shape, if this is all they can come up with. The first thing that puts you off is the bulk – it’s monstrously heavy even compared to the cheaper Moto W220 (read my next review)! It’s too thick to compete with other models these days. Then come the buttons, the next thing you need to interface with – they’re too bloody small. I think I’m pretty nimble with cellphone keypads, but sheesh, the buttons on the 6260 are so small that multiple time I ended up someplace else on the interface because something else got pressed by mistake. You’ll find navigation especially difficult around the d-pad (direction pad) and the softkey buttons. Also, for a medium end phone, it’s got a horrible screen resolution. My ol’ faithful Nokia 3220 (yes, I still have that – I just can’t give it up because of its side lights!) feels better than it, because I was squinting on the 6260. It’s not because of the native screen resolution I guess – the fact is that too much screen real estate is devoted to unnecessary things.

Navigating the menu is a pain, what with the small d-pad, but if you switch from grid view to list view, you’ll find the list too long to your liking. Using shortcuts is easier, but then, how many do?

The worst for the last. I told you that it has a camera, along with the usual 4 different shooting modes. Interestingly, it also gives you the self-timer mode candybar Nokias come with. It’s easy to make candybar phones stand, but please do explain to me how exactly can you make a top-heavy clamshell phone orient itself for a shoot. Now get this – the camera is placed not at the back, but at the SIDE of the camera. Although it does have a swivel screen, it IS awkward. Camera phones are SUPPOSED to be for spur of the moment candid shots, because for anything else, a person uses a digicam. Why add extra steps to the process beats me.

Overall, not a good phone to buy, not unless you want to struggle around trying to press the right button on an extremely small keypad.

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