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Boris can sometimes be Useful….

First of all I would like to thank Boris, and secondly, say sorry to all you readers, who were mislead that one could cerate fountains inside a CPU using a SATA HDD, and a floppy drive power connector, bringing into use the 10-pin connector in the HDD. Immensely sorry. And again, Thanks Boris… IT WASN’T THE 10-PIN CONNECTOR, BUT THE 8-PIN CONNECTOR. And hereby, I show how I managed that. Truly an Art Attack show, right? well yes, all except the artwork.

Thats Me and Ma Comp………

Thats ma motherboard…..

Thats a SATA HDD…(Man.. i pickd it off Boris’ post.. Thanx again;)

And the FDD connector…

Backside of the SATA HDD

Look Carefully…

Refer back to the HDD pic that i picked off Boris’ post… Now look at the above pic… See where the FDD connector is going? Right beside it, on the right, you will notice empty space. Compare it to the earlier pic. See the difference? Know why the 8-pinner is missing in my HDD? Cuz it got blown off, Giving me some awesome piece of real amazing artwork display. Thats where the connector had gone. AGAIN THE ABOVE PIC IS JUST DESCRIPTIVE IN NATURE. IT DOSEN’T EXACTLY SHOW WHERE THE CONNECTOR GOES, AS THE W.D GUYS TOOK IT AWAY…
Well Thanks again Boris, i hate misinformation, and i would also like to apologize to GQ, I really don’t mean to convert this blog to a discussion forum.

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Hmmm, I wonder what Boris has to say to this. Must say, the pics are pretty fuzzy to compare though. Anyway, messing up SATA and FDD power was, I must say, pretty funny / stupid / whadev.

And ah, no problem about discussion board man. More posts = no problemo.

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