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Flickring Into Existence

I’ve been a user of Yahoo! Photos for some time, and some photo slideshows on my blahg were up on Yahoo! Photos. Well, Yahoo! also owns the amazing photo sharing site Flickr, and recently they decided to shut down Yahoo! Photos and concentrate on Flickr.

To make the transition easy for all, they gave their users a choice on which other service they wanted to shift to. So they’ve tied up with other similar sites like Kodak, Photobucket, Snapfly, and of course, Flickr. It shuts down on 20th September, so everyone has to make a choice. You can also download your photos if you want.

I chose to move to Flickr. Did have an account earlier too, but I used Yahoo! Photos more. A simple button click, they’ll confirm which account you want to move to…and you’re done. Not exactly, it takes some time, like it took a few hours to shift all my photos, but they mailed me when it was over. All photo tags, descriptions etc are retained. Do note that while it’s being moved, you can’t access the photos via Yahoo! Photos.

When they shift the photos, by default everything is marked private, so that you can go ahead and safely choose the privacy level. This is only for the shifted photos, and they even have a handy tool to set photo levels to public for ones which were so earlier.

Best of all, I become a Pro member of Flickr for 3 months, free of cost. I definitely think Flickr is way better than Picasa Web, it’s got a far greater sense of community.

All photo slideshows have now been shifted to Flickr, and the URLs updated. Subscribers will get the link updates automatically, so if you get a really long mail then please bear with me.

PS – Ain’t I supposed to be STUDYING for tomorrow’s exam instead of fooling around on Flickr?

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Yes Flickr is better for sharing your photos with the general community.

Picasa Web is not trying to compete with Flickr but they certainly were competing with Yahoo Photos!. Photos and Flickr which are two radically different services.

One is a like a publishing platform and the other is a sharing platform.

Flickr and Picasa Webs are the only two services that let you look at high res pics without having to login. Both at the same time have options to limit this feature too.

You should in fact talk about the Kodak service rather than Picasa Webs. When Google builds a service it builds it looking at accessibility. Flickr is extremely slow, not at all close to GAMMA stage and isn’t compatible fully with Safari.

I should say Y!Photos users are being blessed by the removal of the service as Y! automatically reduced the quality of photos after uploading (to save bandwidth, presumably) and if you were going to use it as a photo backup service you would be disappointed.

Flickr Pro is useless for those who have domain names and hosting and can install Gallery2.

@Arjun: Yes dude. Check my profile, it’ll show me as a Pro member.

@Abhi: Flickr doesn’t show full res images for free members, only for pro. That was the same with Y! Photos, only the pro members could see full res. So the services aren’t different in that sense. Both have no storage limits – Flickr AND Y! Photos both offered unlimited, the second service had that thing since a long time ago; while Picasa Web has a storage restriction. As for running Gallery2, yes, that’s a good option, but I do think Flickr is a better photo sharing platform. And I’ve been a user of Kodak EasyShare Gallery too, even that is pretty nice, but…more people have a Yahoo! / Google ID and therefore more people have access to Flickr / Picasa Web and therefore I’d consider these two better photo sharing platforms.

Oh well, I didn’t check recently but I’ve confirmed that they did allow anybody to view the full-res version in the recent past.

And after logging in, I can see my full res version. In the available sizes an option appears saying “Original Size”.

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