Going by the principle of Audacity (The all-codec supported- freeware music editing software) of being bold (meaning of audacity), I had been trying to merge whatever skills i have with the console (yes, the you saw at THAT Club, when you went with THEM…) and operating laptops, I mean the slower ones, with Intel Centrino tech. offering speeds of 1.72 Ghz, and supported by 512 Mb RAMs, so here’s what comes out.

  • Audacity is a very good software for people with some knowledge of mixing, and the general sound stuff. If you understand pitch, tempo, offsets, subs, and phases, then it is the very software for you.
  • Now I couldn’t find a very good tutorial on using audacity. So, if you are new to this field, you’ll definitely have problems in the beginning.
  • Since no tutorial helped, I went on to see where my knowledge would take me.
    I selected a few songs a beat recour at around 0.35-0.4 sec. They sound best on adding an echoing background. I also took care to find songs with a minimal phase deformation.
  • I started off with testing the options in the effects category. The common ones like Echo, Pass-filters, phaser, verbers etc were pretty OK. Not much to offer on the sound inputs. So those base-enhanced beats are somewhat you don’t get.
  • The beat finder in the analyze menu is a very useful tool. I you have the technical knowhow, trust me, you will love this feature. The software also plots a very nice spectrum.
  • I have tried doing different things to four songs, namely:
  1. ‘Vaada Karo-Again’ by Aqeel, from Powerplay 2.0.
  2. ‘Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar’ from the movie going by the same name.
  3. ‘Kangna- The reggae mix’ from Bombay Bronx Vol2
  4. ‘Yeh mera Dil’ remixed bt Aqeel, again from Powerplay 2.0.

Now check them out for examples… I thought that my HI5 profile would be a good place to get people listen to them there (
Next Paranoia show coming up in October in Club Saffaire, JMD towers, Gurgaon. Date conformation will follow.

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Audacity is very light as far as its system resources are concerned. However, it certainly doesn’t handle every codec. For export it’ll support WAV and OGG by default, and MP3 support using the LAME plugin. Sure you can dump stuff into it using the raw capture mode which analyses the file itself but in my experience it doesn’t always work perfectly.

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