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Code Wars Intra 2007

Held Code Wars Intra 2007 today. It was, because I turned up at school without carrying the quiz papers which I’d printed the earlier day, so I took a printout again under the guise that one of the other Code Warriors wanted a tutorial for a software printed. And then, our former President Anshul got delayed – he was supposed to come at 7.15am but ended up coming at 7.50am, with the event starting at 8am. And guess what – the papers weren’t printed, and with three printers kaput we both were deep shit. We managed to get five or so printed, and left the others waiting. Finally, we made an excuse that we never thought so many people would be coming and printed there. Meanwhile, I was running all over the place between venues coordinating the events because we were short of organizers, a sizeable chunk of them having gone for another competition at Tagore International School.

Overall, I saw potential in some students in the web designing event. Programming too had its share of people who’re promising. Quiz was, pathetic, I might say. I made SUCH an easy paper, yet everyone goofed it up! The group discussion was fine, we had some amazing stuff being shown. Arjun especially gets credit for an excellent job at organizing, and doing supremely well at the quiz and GD too. I also thank Waris and Feroze, and especially Anshul for their help. You can download the Code Wars Intra 2007 Quiz paper and download the Code Wars Intra 2007 Programming paper. Results will be put upon the Code Warriors website.

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