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MINET 2007 Question Paper Downloads

MINET 2007 Quiz trophyZe trophy I got at MINET – doesn’t the design look like it’s something Al Qaeda would give to its members when they achieve 42 headshots (ha, I said the ‘f-word’ again Akshay :p ) in Eye-raq?

Finally, phew. My net connection was out for quite a few days, so I didn’t get time to put this up. Here’s a compilation of the question papers which came at MINET 2007, except for the Decode event, whose answers I haven’t been able to tally up with the MIS team despite repeated efforts to contact them.

  1. MINET 2007 Crossword
  2. MINET 2007 Quiz Prelims
  3. MINET 2007 Programming
  4. MINET 2007 Quiz Finals
  5. MINET 2007 Decode

I’d like to bring your attention to the quiz finals stuff here. Notice carefully the rule against saying 42. That was put in on the day of the event by Akshay because he was fed up with me giving 42 as THE Answer :p. And notice that after question 41, they gave question 43 – so 42 is the new 13 for him. He screwed up though and the actual slide of question ’43’ says 42 (which, naturally, I’ve highlighted).

Will be putting up Decode solutions when I’m able to confirm all answers. Go through all of these amazing papers till then. Kudos to the MINET team for coming up with more than 42 (that THAT Akshay) good questions – it was a fun paper to do in all. The original Windows executables that were something I transferred to my cellphone from the MIS laptop when nobody was around, in case you’re wondering.

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Sorry folks, had to remove the MINET 2007 Quiz Finals executable file. According to Milind of MIS, ‘that file wasn’t GFDL’d’ and he had ‘exclusive intellectual property rights’ to it. Thus, I have to remove it you see. :p I wonder what about those poor people they ripped the questions off from…did they take copyright clearance?

do you realize that there’s a difference between taking questions off the net, and taking a whole executable file (without permission) from another person’s laptop? people don’t usually go around taking copyright permission for stuff released on the net, unless they have forty two sticks stuck up their arse.

your little two inch tweenie was out of bounds, son, and that’s what pissed us off.

@Nobrains: Aw, in a mood to insult, are we? šŸ˜‰ FYI, you yourself had said at the start of the quiz that I could take the executable as a souvenir when the quiz got over. :p AND I’d asked the quizmaster when the event got over (by which time you’d left). :p Anyway, since Millind was so interested in ‘not released under a GFDL’, I thought it would be prudent to point out that neither did you guys. Dude, I’ve no problem removing the file, I’d have done it if you just asked me; the Legalese notice gave me reason to laugh and the comment was supposed to be sarcastic. :p

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