Google…Bought Out By Yahoo?

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Yes folks, no Photoshop GIMP tricks here. That’s an actual screenshot taken on Prashanth’s PC today. That’s Yahoo!’s favicon on Google India’s page. Strange eh? This was on Internet Explorer 7, and opening the same page then on his PC in Mozilla Firefox showed the correct Google logo. So it was probably an IE7 (cache?) issue. Funny though, really, to think that Google’s been bought out by Yahoo!. In fact, at one point of time, Google DID approach Yahoo! requesting to be bought out, but the CEO at that time, Terry Semel thought it was too costly an offer to consider. Come to think of it then, this could actually have happened. Maybe his PC got connected to some server in a parallel universe where Terry decided to part with the cash…

Didn’t I say Microsucks…

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NO WAY, Google never approached yahoo.

Yahoo Approached Google and Google Said Fuck OFF in an indirect way.

@frankzz: I’m pretty sure of what I said. Google desperately needed capital at one point of time, and they gone to major companies asking for it. They’d also thought of putting banner ads on their homepage and search result pages. They didn’t do either in the end.

gq: thats a lame excuse I have ever read “They didn’t do either in the end”, how do you come up with such stupid things? I need you to teach me the magic of sushi ninja. PLEASE

@Frankzz: Go read Google OS. They said this stuff. Not me. Look up the ones on the DoubleClick buyout and the one on Yahoo.

Now, a visual quiz question. Which anti-virus do I use to protect my insanely secure Vista OS? Answer that purely on the basis of viewing the screenshot!

@Prashanth: ClamWin, and I’m telling you, it’s only good for detecting the most common viruses. Switch to something better like Avast. That LinuxWorld test was an audience contributed test of a few common viruses, not a rigorous test. Everyday that I used my pen drive on your PC, it gave a virus. Of course, I can delete it easily on Linux, but what about others? Hell, it even got on my cellphone the day I plugged it in. Remember the time when your external hard drive / my pen drive wasn’t being read on your other comp? It was because of that virus.

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