Take Care!

Population of the elderly is rising everywhere around the globe, especially because of the fact that modern medical science has extended lifespans dramatically over the past few years. Care for the elderly and the infirm therefore has become a pretty hot topic over the recent years, where the search for a nursing home for a relative occupies quite some time. It is here that sites like Bettercaring, which provides information dedicated to care-related services come handy. The news section is pretty extensive in the amount of information it covers; apart from that the search feature allows the user to search for care services (mostly in the UK). A nice place on the site is the discussion page, where people looking for the same thing – care services and information – can share useful nuggets with each other.

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@Rockie: Nope, the post is long enough. šŸ˜› “…must be more than 150 words…” šŸ˜›

As for the CW wallpaper, yes it’s based on a tutorial. I might also add it was made in 10 minutes because Arjun (and me) needed to do other more important stuff for Code Wars.

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