No Thank You!

Frankly, I’ve been pretty upset with Blogger over the past few weeks, for quite a lot of reasons actually. Now there was this particular case of comment notification emails not being delivered to me, so I spent some time and filed a bug report with Blogger. Sure enough, it came up on their Known Issues blog on the same day, soon after I reported it, and got fixed too. What irks me is that Blogger Support never bothered to write back to me about this. I’m pretty sure they didn’t detect it themselves, because the problem had been persisting for two weeks before I discovered it accidentally while going through my blog and wrote in to them.

Contrast this with Yahoo!, who always take time out to send a response from someone, at least thanking the user if someone points out a bug. And after every contact with a user like me, they get back to you for more feedback on how their performance was – which in case you say it’s not satisfactory, they get back to you and sort out any remaining issues. And guess what, that’s not just for paying customers, it’s for normal users like me too.

That’s the whole difference. Google tries to be this monopolistic body whose sole aim is to collate all the information available anywhere, never mind if users are actually taking time out and helping them identify problems with a service like Blogger which millions of people use, and is an indirect source of revenue for Google. Yahoo!, on the other hand cares for the customer above anything else, and THAT’S what sets it apart.

Next time, why the fuck should I even BOTHER about reporting a bug in Blogger? I’ll simply shift my blog to WordPress as soon as my exams get over. I know it’s quite some time before they do, but when they do, I will shift away from this pathetic excuse of a service.

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“…but hen they do, I will…”
What, are you talking about your pet hen or is that the new spelling of when?

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