H2G2 on Zee Studio today!!!

Zee Studio is showing one of the bestest movies EVER today – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at 10.30 PM. Oh boy, I’m so damn excited spamming everyone to watch it!

Watch the official trailer of the h2g2 movie

Zee Studio also has been showing Satyajit Ray‘s films every Sunday at 3 PM and will do so till the end of December. I tried watching last week, but Devi was too boring. This week’s Porosh Pather would’ve been more interested (his take on Midas), but I had an IIT JEE mock test today at Career Launcher (which, BTW, sucked).

In other stuff, General Pervez Musharraf has lifted the state of Emergency in the country of Pakistan, of which he happens to be the CEO (no kidding!). Even the kind General likes h2g2!

“The emergency remained in the country for 42 days.”

Ah, sweet freedom…

5 replies on “H2G2 on Zee Studio today!!!”

Happy for the Pakistanis, who have their freedom again.
Sad for the people who will have/will willingly watch H2G2 today on Zee Studio at 10:30 pm.
Sympathize with anyone and evryone who gave a Mock Test/Part Test for IITJEE/any other exam today/ever.

1. Happy for Pakistanis, who’ve got their freedom after 42 days. šŸ˜€
2. H2G2 rocks, you twit! šŸ˜›

1. Happy for Pakistanis, who’ve got their freedom.Period.:D
2. Batman rocks harder, you flibbertigibbet!:P

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