Let’s Not Make It Yahoo! + Microsucks = Yahoo!sucks

A bit of cheerful news on normally miserable days filled with business analysts taking about Yahoo! being PWNT by Microsucks. Jerry Yang recently said he’s trying all avenues not to get bought. Yahoo!

Former Yahoo employees who know Yang have no doubt he is exhausting all avenues that might allow his company to escape Microsoft’s clutches.

Jerry bleeds purple and gold (Yahoo’s corporate colors),” said Rob Solomon, a former Yahoo executive who spent six years at the company before leaving in 2006. “He always envisioned building a company that would be around for 100 years, not just 14 years.”

Way to go Jerry! Yahoo! fans have your full support on this one. What I feel is that Yahoo!’s board is desperately trying to come up something so that they don’t have to sell to Microsucks, and yet, they don’t want to lean on Google AdSense as a crutch to survive in the aftermath either – because that would be quite demeaning to them too. Yahoo! spent a lot of time on Panama, and on tuning it’s search engine (which I feel is definitely the best) and I’m sure they don’t want to give up on all that now.

I spent some time fishing around, and finally found the full text of Jerry Yang’s email.

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