‘Saving Indian Culture’? LMAO!

A Times Now news story recently speaks of some colleges in Tamil Nadu, where boys and girls apparently aren’t allowed to talk / look / shake hands / eat with each other; you can read the story here.

OK, now this is way weird. ‘Saving Indian culture’ and ‘stopping people from straying off’? LMAO! That’s rich. What I find even more weird is that some people actually berated Times Now and praised the colleges! Man, I wonder used to happen earlier down South if this is the condition in the friggin’ 21st Century. I mean, suspensions? Making people drop one year? OK fine, some places may have separate dinner mess’ for boys and girls (our school hostel does), but separate staircases? This simply takes the cake.

It’s at times like these when you really think that people like Anuj are right that drastic steps need to be taken to teach some people rationalism.

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