Google seems to be rolling out updates to its PageRank site ranking system ultra-quick these days. Only recently, my blog had been climbing a few vines, ending up at PR4 at one point of time. Plus, the new Alexa ratings system gave my blog a huge jump too. Plus, the huge number of visitors coming these days; plus…you get it don’t you?

Two days ago, Google set me to PR0. Not very sure why, whether I’m being penalised for anything, or because of the fact that Google’s bot got a time-out while reading my sitemap. Other search engines seem to be holding steady. Google itself is OK with showing my links in their searches. This PageRank tanking seems quite funny then…

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This is not the final PR IMO. They’re still updating their data centres and this is a very very complex excercise.

You’re lucky, I am currently experiencing a Grey PR.

Check out Digital Point forums for more

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