News is that Vodafone’s finally bringing the iPhone to India later this year….Apple has tied up with Vodafone to launch the iPhone in 10 Countries including India and Australia.

its a bit sad though seeing that now everone one will have one not just a few of us who could flaunt it…maybe its time for a change of phones….

Well with the 3G vesion also rumored to be due next month we can only hope for the best(?)………..

Ps- This is what the 3G version is RUMORED to look like…

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Finally! :p A 3G phone from Apple. They should’ve done it right the first time. Seems like a ploy to make people pay for a phone upgrade.

BTW, I thought ‘VodaiPhone’ was gonna be some spoof featuring iPhone and South Indians, say, Rajnikanth. I was disappointed. šŸ˜‰

Till when is it expected to be launched in India, any idea šŸ˜‰ I will try to buy one as soon as possible when it hits the markets. I sincerely thought Airtel wud have been a better service provider, but still……..

My friend from Chennai informs me – Vodai in Tamil means “break it”…….Some Break the phone it is…….!!! Tamilians will love it…

@Prateek -i dunno about the release date or in that matter the month but its this year for sure…..
price may not be as steep as given on indiatimes since Apple is about to slash rates for the 8 gig version….lets wait and see…..btw it is a “breaking” news if u think of it….

@Ankur-:D Sorry to disappoint u…mayb nextime…. šŸ˜‰

@Ankur: No 3G in India. The 3G part is excusable. But I just hate the tie-up system with a restricted carrier.

If Apple chooses to change the name of the 3G iPhone, and add a Pro suffix or Mini suffix or whatever they have the freedom to sell it without a carrier restriction.

Yeah, I’d have said that Airtel would have been a better option. The reason they chose Vodafone was that they already have tied up with Vodafone in European markets, and it’s a lot less hassle for them if they just extend the deal to India.

@Abhishek: Yes, there’s no 3G in India, but people DO get a kick out of paying 25k bucks for a phone and then saying “Hey, this has HSDPA…except ahem, I can’t er, use it. Cool, na?” šŸ˜‰

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