Telephone Directory, 1896
Creative Commons License photo credit: MildlyDiverting
‘How extraordinary…’
‘Richard, what’s the matter?’
‘Nothing, Kate. Er, I’ve just read the most astounding thing.’
‘Really, what are you reading?’
‘Well, the telephone directory, in fact…’
‘Really? I must rush out and buy one. Have the film rights gone?
‘Look, sorry, Kate, can I get back to you? I don’t know where Gordon is at the moment and –‘
‘Don’t worry. I know how it is when you can’t wait to turn the next page. They always keep you guessing till the end, don’t they? It must have been Zbigniew that did it.

The single most funniest bit of writing I’ve read (again) recently. Not surprisingly, it’s from Douglas Adams. šŸ˜€

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